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7 December 11

Transplant List Saga Pt. 2

In case you’re wondering, part one is my last post, about the letter.

On Friday, I talked to a friend of mine in dialysis, who’s been on dialysis as long as me, and has had two kidney transplants. It turns out that he received a letter as well, exactly the same as the one I received, so I’m not the only one that the transplant team is screwing with.

So, on Monday, my mother called the nurse who sent the letter to make an appointment for the ultrasound, and complain (I love my mom. She does all the dirty work for me *L*) about the letter and the fact that we’ll be on hold on the transplant list until the ultrasound is done. She tried to soften it up, saying that we were just on hold, and not off the list, but there really isn’t a difference. If a kidney should (by some miracle) come up that is a match for me, I’m still not going to get it.

Anyway, this nurse explained to my mother that she already sent a requisition for the ultrasound to the radiology department at the hospital, and it’s up to them to call me with an appointment. That kind of tells me that they could call anytime between tomorrow and judgment day. I know that for some people, judgment day is next December, but still, it’s too long to be off the transplant list.

I’ll keep you updated..

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